The Galactic Cow

Have you ever imagined what role teaching and learning could play in the evolution of our species? Or how teaching and learning might change as we change, or reflect changes we need to make? If these questions resonate with you, or make you curious or excited, we want you to start conversations where you are too! In Season 1, we’re going to explore how teaching, learning, and education might transform to reflect our changing needs as humans, and how we exist together.

So meet Galactica – bringing joy and wonder and imagination to headphones near you NOW! We’ve recorded this mini-episode to introduce ourselves and we’ll have more available soon. Welcome to a rich and expansive conversation about teaching, the Universe, and everything ♥

Meet the Galactic Cow ♥

we recorded this mini-episode to answer the question “why are we here?”

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Galactica, an enormous cow filled with a glowing, sparkling purple universe
Galactica, the Galactic Cow, welcomes you ♥