Begin at the Beginning

Welcome to our first full episode!  For this ep, our guiding questions are “How are we defining ‘teaching & learning’? How are they different from (organized) education?”  In this episode, we’re discussing how we define organized education, teaching, learning, and emerging consciousness.  Talking about new ideas means new language, or old language used in new ways!  If you like what you hear, make sure to Like, Subscribe, and Share.


“All that you touch, you change

All that you change, changes you

The only lasting truth is change

god is change”

~ Octavia Butler “Parable of the Sower


“The principles of emergent strategy include

  • fractal
  • adaptation
  • interdependence and decentralization
  • nonlinear and iterative change
  • transformative justice and resilience
  • creating more possibilities”

~adrienne maree brown “Emergent Strategy” 

and just because it’s stunning, here’s a recent pic of the Columbia River, taken from the Washington side, on Hwy 14.  It was a truly magnificent day.

The magnificent Columbia River is truly showing out, still enough to reflect puffy blue clouds drifting overhead.

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