Moving With Hope

This is our second episode talking about language and the last before we start our podcast relisten series.  This week, we’re discussing ability to learn, change/transformation, and practice, connecting all of these our hope for creating a new vision of teaching and learning.  We know part of that work is a different way to relate to education, and that can’t happen without a reshaping of how we vision, define, and embody teaching and learning.

We’re watching our systems dis-integrate, K-12, higher ed, and beyond, which means we have an opportunity to reimagine and create a system of education that is

  • adaptable/flexible enough to reflect rapid changes in culture and society,
  • able to provide equitable access to all learners, and
  • balanced across learning, content, integration, collaboration, and growth

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Books we referenced

“Awe” (Dacher Keltner) “We Want to Do More than Survive” (Miriame Kaba) “Building a Trauma-Responsive Educational Strategy: Lessons from a Corrections Classroom” (emareena danielles) “Emergent Strategy” (adrienne maree brown)

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