Bodies, Shame, and Learning

Are you tired of being a brain in a jar?  A content dispensary?  Do you long for a different way to teach and learn, one that welcomes and embraces you and your students in all your full, radiant humanity?  We want that too!  In this episode, emareena & ambar discuss radical self love and how its presence could transform our experience of teaching and learning.  

What do you think would change if we embraced the necessity of radical self love as educators?  

Reference material

Unlocking Us, with Sonja Renee Taylor: The body is not an apology

Unlocking Us, with Tarana Burke: Unbound:  liberation and the birth of the me too movement

Offline with Jon Favreau: How the internet is radicalizing young men

Additional good stuffs:


  • theme music: composed and performed by Alden Zac (on the interwebs here, here, here) thanks friend!
  • editing & production:  emareena (who is relieved this is mostly listenable)
  •  artwork:  also emareena, who loves Galactica very much, and will be occasionally posting on the blog.

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